Introduction to Spring and Autumn Park

As the core area and pillar industry of Yancheng Tourism Area, Yancheng Spring and Autumn Park, was the first Spring and Autumn culture theme park in China. Spring and Autumn Park was built in the east and north of Yancheng Site. It is based on political, military, economic, and cultural aspects of the Spring and Autumn period. It combines static viewing projects, interactive performing arts projects and experiential amusement projects in the form of situational experience under artistic conception of Spring and Autumn culture. Environmental atmosphere layout of the park is unique, with not only distinct historical and cultural characteristics of the Spring and Autumn period, but also modern aesthetic and fashion elements, reflecting creative integration of tradition and modernity. Modern technologies have been adopted in all equipment and facilities, integrating Chinese traditional culture, extending cultural connotation through theme amusement and performance, and increasing participation, interaction and entertainment of tourists. Creativity of the project has set and maintained a number of records in domestic tourism industry.